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hey people from melbourne australia, buy these bikes from me.

1. diamond back “joker” 2008 bmx. great condition. needs new tyres and some one to love and cherish it. $150 ono.

2. complete 1978 Raleigh Scorpio. needs new brakes. size is large. $120 ono.

3. complete Bennett 80s road bike. i found this bike abandoned around my house. it has a terrible paint job, but would suit a person who has the passion for re-painting/fixing bikes. it’s a large bike. $100 ono.

get at me.

edit: i’m in melbourne atm, and i’ve not worked out shipping costs, so most likely it’s pick up only. soz interstate/international people!

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    why in melbourne? if it is in perth. i’ll get it str8 up! :(
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